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Unleashing Creativity with RED Camera Systems: Elevating Video Production in Devon

Updated: May 12, 2023

Here at Goya Productions we are the only Video Production Company in Devon with the latest flagship RED Camera, the RED V-Raptor 8K

Check out the camera on the RED website.

RED V-Raptor on location for 3 Steps Feature film shot in Devon

In the dynamic world of video production, Goya Productions stands as a trailblazing company based in the picturesque region of Devon, South West England. Renowned for our commitment to excellence, we leverage the cutting-edge capabilities of RED camera systems, including the powerful RED V-Raptor and versatile RED Komodo, to craft awe-inspiring visual experiences. In this article, we explore how these exceptional cameras have revolutionised our filmmaking process, empowering us to unleash our full creative potential.

Unmatched Image Quality

At Goya Productions, we prioritise delivering breathtaking imagery that captivates audiences. The combination of our artistic vision and the advanced sensors and high-resolution capabilities of RED camera systems, such as the remarkable 8K resolution of the RED V-Raptor sensor, allows us to capture footage that surpasses traditional filmmaking standards. The incredible level of detail and clarity elevates our storytelling, immersing viewers in a world where every frame is a work of art. With 4K now the minimum standard resolution, having that extra room to play with in post is invaluable.

High Speed Frame Rates

By leveraging high-speed frame rates, we can slow down fast-paced action, highlight intricate details, and emphasise the unique features of our clients' products. Whether it's capturing the precise movements of a sports car or highlighting the intricate craftsmanship of a luxury item, the flexibility of high-speed frame rates enables us to present our clients' stories and products in a visually captivating and compelling manner. By effectively utilising this feature, we ensure that our clients' vision is brought to life in a dynamic and engaging way.

Flexibility & Customisation

Our team at Goya Productions appreciates the flexibility and customisation options that RED camera systems provide. The modular design of these cameras enables us to tailor our setups to meet the unique demands of each project. From selecting lens choices that shape the visual language to optimising our workflow with accessories and storage options, we can personalise our camera configurations to seamlessly bring our creative visions to life. The Raptor can be hung from our easy-rig or sits nicely on the shoulder. The much smaller and lighter Komodo balances perfectly on our DJI RS3 gimbal for those smooth seamless takes, while still maintaining the excellent image quality of its bigger brother.

RED V-Raptor on Set for 3 Steps Feature film shot in Devon

Dynamic Range and Colour Science

At the heart of Goya Productions' commitment to visual excellence is the remarkable dynamic range and precise colour science offered by RED camera systems. RED systems deliver an extensive colour gamut and ensure precise colour rendition, breathing life into our footage. The REDCODE RAW format preserves every nuance of colour and light during the capture process, granting us unparalleled control during post-production to achieve the desired look and feel for our projects. The massive 17+ Stops of dynamic range really comes in handy when we don't have full control of the light (which happens sometimes, especially in documentary style shooting).

Low Light Performance

Working in diverse shooting environments is a common occurrence for the Goya Productions team. Thanks to the high sensitivity of RED sensors and advanced noise reduction technology, the RED V-Raptor seems to be able to see in the dark and always captures stunning footage. This capability allows us to confidently tell stories in atmospheric settings, ensuring that our storytelling remains immersive and impactful regardless of the lighting challenges we encounter.

Work Flow Efficiency

We understand the importance of a streamlined workflow that allows us to focus on what we do best: bringing stories to life. RED camera systems, coupled with the powerful DaVinci Resolve Studio software, optimise our production process from start to finish. This comprehensive post-production solution encompasses transcoding, colour grading, and editing, enabling us to deliver exceptional results while saving valuable time and resources. DaVinci Resolve's robust features and intuitive interface further enhance our ability to bring our creative visions to the screen seamlessly.

The V-Raptor is also the first camera to link up to, so when the internet is fast enough, we can upload proxies from camera to cloud, on set! This feeds our footage hungry editors with no delay so they can get started on post-production before filming has even wrapped.

RED V-Raptor & Crew on location for 3 Steps Feature film shot in Devon

Only Video Production Company in Devon with RED V-Raptor

We take pride in being the sole video production company in Devon equipped with the state-of-the-art RED V-Raptor camera system. This exclusive ownership sets us apart from our competitors, as it eliminates the need for other companies to hire gear in order to match our output. With the RED V-Raptor as a permanent fixture in our arsenal, we utilize this exceptional system on every shoot, regardless of the budget. Not only does this ensure consistently high-quality results, but it also allows us to offer our services at a much more competitive price. By eliminating the additional expense of gear hire fees, we pass on the savings directly to our clients, delivering outstanding value without compromising on excellence.


As Goya Productions continues to raise the bar in video production in the South West, our use of the RED camera systems empowers us to push the boundaries of creativity. These cameras not only provide unmatched image quality, flexibility, dynamic range, low-light performance, and workflow efficiency but also perfectly align with our commitment to delivering visual excellence. With every project, we unlock our full creative potential, crafting cinematic experiences that leave a lasting impression.

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